Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm gonna be a "SKINNY BITCH"

I had a little reality check just the other day. I wore my "big" pants becuase my other jeans were not clean. My "big" pants are almost fitting. They are still loose but not like they used to.

I haven't been jogging or doing much physical activity in the last month or so and I know I need to get on it.

I bought this book on Tuesday called "Skinny Bitch" and I think I'm in love!

Chapter 1 Give it Up,

Smoking - give it up I know this. It screws up your whole body's chemistry, No wonder I eat shit and garbage. Again, I know this but love the wording in this book!

Beer = Big Fat Pig I will deal with this one, don't drink it that often and can't give up beer. They are not going to win this one with me.

Soda = Liquid Satan
It increases levels of phosphorus which increases calcium loss from the body
Aspartame is bad (again I know) however this was new. Methyl alcohol is a component of aspartame, it is broken down by your body and turns into formaldehyde. When aspartame is paired with carbs it causes your brain to slow it's production of serotonin.
Soda = fat, sick, and unhappy

The chapter ends with "you need to excercise you lazy shit!"

This is my kinda book!

So, a few changes I will need to make. One chapter at a time.

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