Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ahhh... Muskegon

Last night I went downtown Muskegon. It was winterfest this weekend and of course Muskegon being Muskegon they have a beer tent. Who goes out when its 20 degrees to drink beer in a tent. Why I do of course. Why not? I didn't really need to feel my toes anyways.

Here is a rundown of what was seen:

~Shots out of an ice sculture
~4 beers ordered at a time instead of 1 (I only did 2, the line was pretty long)
~a couple mullets
~super slutty girls dressed like there in florida right now (seriously.. wear a jacket, or at least a sweater)
~the muskegon lumberjacks team carrying a case of beer at a time (they are pretty ugly when you see them up close)
~super fat chick molesting hockey player (it appeared they were married)
~super fat chick almost getting knocked over on Michelle and I
~the crowd bouncing to music in unison (come on, do something besides the pogo stick)
~super young girl who just turned 21 or had a fake ID screaming at the end of everysong the band played
~a couple guys who looked like they could be sex offenders hitting on Michelle and I
~security pausing to let Michelle and I out for some reason (the people in front of us got stopped and corraled into the corner like cows)
~2 guys who stole the ice sculpture and carried it down the road

Michelle and I were invited to go to a bar called Naughty's by the ice sculpture thieves so we decided maybe we should eat. We stopped at taco bell and what did we see? Muskegons version of "eminem." Now if I knew it was celebrity night at taco bell I would have had some 8 mile blaring to welcome him.

At Naughty's, the ice sculpture theives never showed up. Michelle and I drank just past the necks of our bottles. Beer wasn't tasting good, we were both ready for bed.

The end of an entertaining night.

Ahhh... Muskegon, you just can't get that kind of entertainment anywhere.


Mom said...

Sounds like an entertaining night...You could have invited me and maybe I could have contributed!!! At least I would have tried!

Brendy said...

People watching, gotta luv it!

Scott said...

You can't get stuff like that on TV