Monday, August 30, 2010

A little update..

So, Basically, I have been a slacker. It's probably been a month since I have posted anything. So what is new in my world?

I am officially off orientation. Last night was my first night on my own. I think that it went well. I probably forgot to do some things. If so, it's past the time of getting them done. I will find out about it later. At the end of the shift everyone was still alive. Thats the most important!

My biggest excitement is that I am refinancing my mortgage. Awesome rate. Payments went up $50 a month. Time frame of the loan, dropped it by 15 years! AWESOME!!
2nd most exciting thing about my house is that I finally found living room furniture that I like. It is from Art Van and can you believe it? It is on SALE! Actually, last I checked it is on sale from the sale price so maybe it is a real sale price. I haven't ordered it yet, probably in the next month.
3rd with the house. I have been completing a few odds and ends in projects. Ok, Maybe just one lately. I finally finished painting the ceiling above the basement stairs. I only started that in June 2008. Let me tell you. Painting tape that has been on the walls for 14 months surprisingly isn't that hard to pull off.
4th and last on the house for now, I am trying to finish the landscaping project. I need to at least get the areas ready to plant for next spring. There are a few things that will need to be planted this fall, if the leaves don't take up 200% of my time.

I have signed up for a 5k in Spring Lake on September 18. I have been jogging but not quite like I should due to this stinking heat and humidity. It was a great couple weeks that I was on the road almost everyday. Now the heat is back and I can't make myself do it. I do however have the night off so maybe by 11pm or so it will be "cooled" off enough to go. My route is up to 2.2 miles. I gotta add the next loop to make it 3+. Just over 2 weeks to get it done.
I don't really know what else has been going on. I have been doing things but nothing super exciting to share.

Maybe you noticed, maybe not. I have updates the layout. Changed the background. Added a weather link (which I am most excited about). I will be adding/changing a few more things probably in the next week. Shoot, maybe even tonight. I will be trying to post something a couple times a week, even if its just about nothing.


Mom said...

Good job.....soooooo glad to see things are back on track for you!!! Keep it up, next spring you can come and do landscaping for me.....and painting.....and exercising!! Have a GREAT day, week, month!!!!

Martha said...

Maybe. Just maybe.