Tuesday, September 29, 2009

brrr... its getting cold outside

So... today I got out of bed at 1:45. It was a little chilly in my room. I looked at my handy dandy indoor/outdoor thermometer. (Indoor is the upstairs temp, outdoor is the temp in the living room) I see that it is 60 in my bedroom and 62 downstairs. Crap.. I have to start the furnace!

I get downstairs, start the furnace, wait for the coffee to be done (I set the timer but didn't put the timer on), and decide I need to go outside and smoke. I have on my loving lips victoria's secret flannal pajamas (thanks Michelle), my grandma looking long red robe, bright orange winter jacket, black stretch gloves, and my new black slippers (thanks to the vomit in my old ones at my birthday party I had to throw out the old ones). Now that you have the picture of what I look like you can see why I had uncontrolable laughter at myself. After the laughter had subsided about my appearance I was thinking on how silly it was to be dressed like there is 2 feet of snow outside. Just a few months ago it was 50 degrees out and I think most of us were excited to wear jeans and a t-shirt or shorts and a sweatshirt. Again, a little laughter.

What do I do now? Write about it in this blog. It is sad that this will be the highlight of my day as I have to work this evening. Stay tuned. There will be more uneventful happenings I feel I will have to share with you!

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