Wednesday, October 7, 2009

5K.. ehh..

I have been trying to get "fit" and "healthy." I try and watch what I eat, but the excercise part is what lacks. One week I will get in 10 miles, the next maybe 2, then who knows. I am not very consistent at all.

I ran my first 5k about a month ago and since then the excercise has gone downhill. I have decided to do another one. My motivation started to pick up with the idea of running another 5K in public. This last week it went away. I have signed up for another which is in a couple weeks so now the pressure is on!

I am trying to convince Stephanie and I think I almost have (at least I hope I have) to go with me. Any others who would like to join would be great company. Just knowing someone else is going makes it a little competitive and gives me motivation.

I hope some others will join!

Happy Running!

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Stephanie said...

I have done a 5K on my treadmill for the past few days. Girl, I am SO slow since I have those smoker lungs!!! I haven't signed up yet, but I am working on a crew of girls.