Thursday, October 1, 2009

What day is it again?

Last night I was so very excited at work. It was my last night before having a couple days off. A patient asked if I worked again tonight and I said "No, I have a couple days off". Then 2am came along and the devistation hit in. It was Thursday 2am and not Friday 2am. Bummer, I have to come back and work again tonight. I really don't know how patients are supposed to keep their days straight while they are in the hospital as I can not.

Can I blame this on something besides the fact that I am a little nuts? I think I can. I cut my thumb 2 days ago and the cut is still not closed. What does that mean? I use alcohol based sanitizer at least 10-20 times an hour if not more. Why is that important? I got an e-mail from my mom about the new way kids get drunk. They eat alcohol sanitizer and soaps with alcohol in it. I checked one of the bottles at work and it IS ethyl alcohol and it is a 60% concentration, that is equivialent to 120 proof liquor. It suddenly made sense why in the middle of the night I start laughing inappropriately at work. I think I get a little drunk off the hand sanitizer! Work is sounding a little better tonight!

Oh and on a side note... 2 days until at the "D"

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