Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Town has been Hi-Jacked

I don't intentionally plan to dissapoint people. However, all this talk about "christmas town" at my house seems to be turning a few heads. WARNING: I MAY BE DISAPPOINTING!

This is how its going.. I am putting christmas stuff out and I walk past the bedroom where my computer is supposed to be (and now is).

"hmmm... I should really throw out my school books, I don't need them anymore. AND while I'm in here I should go through this paperwork that is in the computer desk."

1 trash bag and 1 box later, that is cleaned out.

Then there are a couple boxes of "crap" that have been sitting in this room since I moved. What is in here? Some old pictures in frames (There is a nice collage from the tigers game years ago when a group of us chased down paws.. you know what I mean Jen!). Some camping stuff and who knows what else. I truck them down the stairs, and then the next set of stairs to the basement, aka: dungeon.

Now for this particular room I now have 4 snowmen figurenes, 2 snowflake candle holders, and 1 wall sign up.

On the downside, it was a 2 hour detour from setting up "christmas town."

On the upside, my computer is now back on the desk, which means I have to come upstairs to get on it which means, I may be more productive... OR NOT!

So, for those who asked, when I am done with setting up "christmas town" I will post pictures as you have requested. Until then I will see if I can keep the hi-jackers under control!


Jen said...

I still have that picture tooooo! That was such a fun day :) I should post our "Future Whopper Eater" one - haha!

Martha said...

Do it Jen.. PLEASE!

Mom said...

We are waiting for the open house invite!!!!