Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December, please help me!

While another page has turned in the calendar, I can't help but feel more and more hopeless.

What was the point of me going to school? Why won't people at least call me for an interview? Would you at least send me a rejection letter in the mail and tell me you don't want me?

I hate my job and desperately need a new one.

#1 Money is tight. Not even one month out of school I have had to start paying back my student loans. That really sucks. If I don't get a new job soon, hopefully I can get my payments deferred.

#2 My mood goes down the shitter everytime I go to work. While I have some awesome people that I work with, my stomach turns when I pull in the parking lot. I have always been over-qualified to work where I do. I hope I don't have to stay there much longer.

So that is it. December, please bring me some kind of a change, please.


Stephanie said...

So sorry to see you're bummed!!! It is rough out there right now. When I was laid off, I applied for 110 jobs! I only got 4 interviews and only a handful of rejection letters. They get so many applicants that they don't even bother with the rejection letters. Keep your head up - in all due time!

Mom said...

Hang in there girl....It will happen......