Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goal #1 for 2010

While it took me 3 weeks into the new year I am going to try and start the new me. Ok, I know I am a slacker and proud of it, but it is time to start. I will be sharing some goals and the progress of them all in the next few weeks. I do not want to make a big master list, they are in my head and will share them as I start them.

Goal #1
Clean this house and do some repairs.

Now, to start off, my house is not disgustingly dirty. However. I think you need to look at sentence 2. I am a slacker. It was shortly after new years that I took down my christmas decorations. Where are they now? On the kitchen table and on the floor surrounding it. Also there are decorations conveinently located in each of the bedrooms upstairs. I started to put these away the other day and work called for me to come in for an extra shift. Of course I was too happy to quite working and go make some extra money. So, back to it.

If I get this accomplished I will post the picture of the before and after.



Stephanie said...

SOOOO glad to see you back on here! I am a slacker too! My floors always need to be done

Mom said...

Good going Martha.....Keep up the blogging!!! This was nothing new to me because we just had lunch and I heard about your do something quirky and let us all know.

Brendy said...

Thanks Martha, it appears that my commenting will work this time!! As to the mess in your spare rooms, do a little each day and then close the doors!!! Keep it up and it'll be done before ya know it!