Monday, February 1, 2010


Christmas decorations are not fully put away. This is the partial pile that I was talking about before. Doesn't look too bad, but it was about 8 boxes. I did get these all put away. And this is what the dining room should look like. I decided to mix it up a little bit and rotate the table. I know.. BIG change. You probably wouldn't have noticied it if I didn't say anything.
Ok. So I lied. If you look at the bottom left hand corner of this picture, you can see there is a wreath there. Whoops.. Forgot about that.
What is left you ask? The crap I put upstairs. That stuff will probably be there for awhile. I am going to work on one room at a time. After all, when people do come over pretty much the only time they are upstairs is when its the first time they see the house.
Scratch one thing off the list. The main floor is finally complete!
Next step? I'm not sure. I am either gonna paint the trim in the kitchen or start on the East bedroom... Too much excitement, I can't decide! HA!


Mom said...

Did you do all this last night after you left? I started painting the family room today...will finish tomorrow! Your house looks nice when you pick up all the stuff! Keep it going!

Brendy said...

Looks good, I like the before and after pics--you can sure tell the difference! :-) As for chucking stuff upstairs in the extra rooms--that's what they're for right? The bad thing is once it's out of sight, out of mind..... Oh well there's always tomorrow!

Scott said...

One Day at a Time Martha, One day at a time.

Stephanie said...

Your house is so cute!

Martha said...

Thanks Steph, we still need to do a sushi night. Figure something out and you can come over and see the rest of it!

robin said...

looks good! :)