Thursday, March 4, 2010

The "Girls"

Mom went on vacation this week so that means the "girls" did too. I have been hearing stories from Mom's vacation and I am thinking she is having a little more fun. Ruckus is here on the left and Marley is on the right. I have to say I have been neglecting the dogs most of the week because I have been working pretty much everyday. This is what the week has been like. The above picture, everytime I turn around these dogs are up my ass. BUT they are so cute and sweet that I just have to love em up.
Their food has moved a couple times today which you will see why below. They seemed a bit confused but they are smart and they figured it out.

When I came home from work last night this is what I found. Notice the tracked up pile of poo on the left. The blanket already had holes in it from Max and they have tore a couple pieces off each day. Now, normally I would have gotten mad about the poo but I can't really blame them. They were in their "room" from 6pm-830am Tuesday night into Wenesday morning. I let them out to pee, then they slept with me til about 1:30pm. Then it was outside for about 30 minutes and then back into the room as I had to work again at 3pm. Home around midnight and this is when they pooed. Poor girls. They still slept with me and didn't wake me until about 9:30 this morning. What troopers!

So, after I had my coffee it was off to clean their room. Not too bad.

And I figured they don't have to be locked up for me to go to work so I could put the normal stuff back in there. (Sorry, I don't know how to rotate pictures) Again, notice the food, Ruckus is smart, she found it!
Now a couple happy pitbulls. The sun is shining and they have been in and about about 5 times already today, right now Ruckus is trying to be "tough" and growling at Marley. Marley is licking the bone in Ruckus' mouth. Wow... Super fierce!


Brendy said...

They are pretty good "little" girls! Hope you had fun with them!

Martha said...

They were fun and they were good but I am glad to have a dog free house with hair and dirt free sheets!