Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's about time..

With the sun shining and having a few days off, I decided it's about time to get some things done. Bedroom #3. While you can see its a mess I decided to start this project today. I know I won't get this done today. Maybe not even tomorrow. Ok, probably not until Monday or Tuesday. What am I doing? There are holes in the wall from moving the shelves around. You can see there are a few I have previously patched. You can see a lot more below. There are some on the other side too. I need to let the patch jobs dry. Then I will remove all the junk from the closet. I am going to paint the closet and then organize the stuff a little better. I will probably be throwing a lot away. There are also some doors for the closet that I have never put up. I have to see if they actually work. IF they do I will clean them and paint them and put them up. After that task is done, then, I have to paint the trim in that room. Then the only thing left for that room is to get a screen made for the window. That will have to wait until its a little warmer though.

Not that you can really see it in this picture since it is SUPER SUNNY and the flash didn't go on, but I have started to paint the trim and the doors in the kitchen. I HATE trim. HATE IT! Which is why it has taken over a year and a half to do it. It is time to do it though.

Just to emphasize what I was saying earlier. I turned around for another picture and whats there? The dog up my ass so I thought I should post her ass for all to see.

AND YES, I know its March 4 and my calendar is on February. It is now changed. There will be more photos later as I finish the job. I think I may be a blog geek this week if I keep these projects going.


Mom said...

Those dogs are soooooo cute! Good luck getting your room done. I may have some time to help paint if you want. I'll be there to get the girls asap. need to wake up first.

Brendy said...

Can you say Spring Fever? It looks like you have it with all your projects. Good Luck-hope all goes well and you can enjoy it for a long while before you need to do it again!