Thursday, March 25, 2010

Going Public

I have decided along with Sazzle that I am gonna go public with my blog. There are 3 main reasons.

#1 I primarily made mine private not for what people said but for what wasn't said. I gave the link out to many people and rarely got comments. Also there are a few people I sent the link to and really didn't want them to read it.

#2 As Sazzle pointed out, she doesn't read mine as often because it didn't show up in her feed.

#3 If my blog is public maybe other people will read it by getting the link off from other peoples pages, which may give me more peoples to read too.

So, If you are new to my blog welcome. There really isn't anything too exciting that I post. Please feel free to comment even if I don't know you. Sometimes when you make comments you have to submit it a couple times before it goes through.

With that said, happy reading!


Mom said...

I can tell you have been working alot!!! Not getting out as much! I will gladly bring the "girls" over so they can entertain you!!! My life has been pretty routine...which I like for a change....but...enough is enough!!! I am ready for some entertainment!!!!

Sazzle said...

HURRAY!!! I will be a much better reader now!!!