Friday, March 26, 2010

The upstairs hall..

Last June I decided I wanted to paint the hall between the kitchen and bathroom and also up the stairs and the hall upstairs. This yellow color is what I picked out. I hated it the minute I put it on the wall. The picture makes it look a little brownish which is what I wanted. On the wall it's not so nice. Like I said this was last June. This is the final look at the top of the stairs. Much better. Now I said that I was done but I am lying. I didn't put the doorknobs back on. I decided to let the doors dry overnight and will put them back on in the morning.
The sun is a little too bright but the view looking down the top part of the stairs. Much improvement if you ask me. I like it sooooo much better. I should have done this last July! Oh well, I'm famous for putting things off.

Next project.. The uncompleted east bedroom that I posted previously.

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robin said...

looking good!!! :)