Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What have I been doing lately.. Part 2

These bushes were hanging over the sidewalk and soooo overgrown. I cut away over half the plant. I was gonna dig them out and toss them but after the grooming I decided they could stay. I also dug up these stones from next to the garage and added them. I don't really like stone as a decoration in landscaping but they were already here. Just needed to move them. Ok, bear with this story. There used to be 3 bushes in this area that were totally overgrown. You couldn't tell where 1 started and the others stopped. My Mom was nice enough to lend me her "loppers" so I could cut them back and dig them out. Then I was left with a mound of dirt. I ended up taking about 2 wheelbarrows full out of this little area. Now, if you look close inside the ring of bricks is a tree. These bricks plus some I had extra were lining the edge next to the cement. This baby tree was growing between the bricks and the cement. So I dug it out and I hope it still grows and doesn't die. The lilies are from along the shed. Again not my favorite thing to have but I'm cheap and they were already there. I have to decide what I am gonna do with the rest of the space, then I will get some woodchips or something.
This is where all the rocks came from. One of the worst jobs I think I could do outside. Transfering them bucket by bucket. The only good thing with all that digging in the dirt I started a worm farm. There were some boards around the edges of the stoned in area that I removed. I transfered dirt from the other areas and then planted grass seed. I hope it grows!

Ahhh... More stone laying. This was not a fun chore. Should I say it again that I hate rocks in landscaping? I don't know what previous people were thinking. Also, the dirt here was a couple inches above the cement so everytime it rained it would go all over the sidewalk. After 3 or 5 wheelbarrows full of dirt removed, I hope its taken care of now. So, I think its time for a little break from my projects. I am happy to be getting things done. In a couple weeks I will start the front yard. That shouldn't be as bad.

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