Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Urgent Care Visit #2

I went to urgent care about a week and a half ago for this mysterious rash that I had on my abdomen. Turns out it was Pityriasis Rosea. It comes from an unknown source and starts with a "herald" patch which after 2 weeks turns into the "real" rash. This lasts for about 6 weeks. While I did not want to scare you with a picture of my own stomach, here is an image I got of what it looks like. Mine of course is patterned a little different but you get the idea. While this rash is not contagious, it continues to spread on me. I think it is calming down, as I have not noticed any new spots for a few days.

On to Urgent Care visit #2. I will not mention my employers name for those of you who don't know, but I was NOT impressed with the urgent care they had there. The reason for the visit was a sore throat. After having mono a few years ago I am a pretty good judge of whether a sore throat is just sore, or, infectious. I get checked in by registration, the nurse takes me back and gets my vitals. She asks me a few questions and says the Doctor will be in soon. He looks in my ears (they look perfect!) then my throat. Feels my neck. Listens to my heart and lungs. Then he asks if I want a throat culture done. Really? Your gonna ask me? Your the doctor! He didn't seem like he wanted to so I asked him what he thought. He said it wouldn't change the course of treatment. I finally said no. Then he proceeded to comment on my tonsils. Asking if I had them removed. He said that I barely had any and made some comment about that. Like he didn't believe me when I said I didn't have them out. Before he left he asked me if I wanted an antibiotic. Hmmm?? Again REALLY?? Let me think about it? I enjoy the feeling of swallowing glass and wanting to spit instead of swallow my own saliva. I think I will waste this $30 and just wait it out. DUh! I think I need something. Finally, he says I can have some amoxicillin and sends me on my way. Thank goodness.

I have now been on antibiotics for 24 hours and have seen much improvement. My throat still hurts but I can't feel it in my neck and ears when I swallow. I am also not infectious! YEAH!


Sazzle said...

you shouldn't have said that wasn't your stomach! I was totally going to give you mad props for looking fabulous!!! :)
my skin issue was different I think.
feel better!!!

Brendy said...

Good grief--get better already!! Summer's almost here....