Monday, May 10, 2010

The latest yard work...

Once again.. MOM came to the rescue. She came over with her powerwasher. The decks were pretty bad. Here is the before shot. AND then after. Its amazing how fast those powerwashers work. No more (ok there is still a little) green mossy, moldy spots where the water doesnt dry. The dark nastys that have built up over the years are now gone. My deck looks like its only a couple years old versus it should be torn down soon. The "girls" also had a nice little visit. I was gonna get a picture of them playing in the back yard but time got away from me and didn't. So THANKS AGAIN MOM! You are the BESTEST!!

Then there is the landscaping.. STILL!

Ok.. So.. in previous postings you have seen this work from the other side. Mom came over and told me to do what I was previously gonna do. Plant some grass about half way in here. So off to change the plans.

I removed enough dirt to get the landscaping timber in place. Then to remove it all. WOW! I am so sick of moving dirt but it has to be done. The results closer to the end make it worth is.

So, here it is. Up to date. My one lonely tulip that came in this year. I don't remember it being there last year but it is just lovely this year. Now, if the weather cooperates today I can get the rest of the dirt out from the right side of the the wood and then I can try and budget some plants.


Anonymous said...

I've got some free perennials if you need some. I can send you some pictures on Facebook.

Scott said...

Sorry that was me..I didn't see the
Anonymous thing until it was to late

Martha said...

I was wondering about the anonymous! That would be great Scott!

Mom said...

After you are done......when is the cookout at your house??