Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bryanville 7/8-7/9

My 4th of July holiday is usually spent with family at my Mom's place up north. I had to work one final holiday and then went up for a couple days after. I had one request and it was granted. For my celebratory I graduated school, passed my boards, and FINALLY got the job, I wanted a great supper. Kabobs! YES, that is all I wanted. They were delicious!!! They looked so pretty on the grill that I just had to get a picture. Up north we do the typical vacations things, swimming, fishing, sittin around etc. BUT I only had the one night up there so I thought it would be appropriate for night opps. Great idea. Heres a group shot of the ladies during a break from on our "trip".
This year we had a hilbilly theme. What do hilbillies do? They take junk from one yard and put it in theres. This is exactly what we had to do. Bert was sleeping and Ron went in for the night so it was perfect timing. Lets "borrow" there bar. It was somewhat difficult to move it all due to the fact there was a wee bit of drinking ahead of time and it was dark and we were trying to be quiet even though we couldn't stop laughing during the moving process. We made it! Group shot of the moving crew after the move.


Brendy said...

Thanks Martha, you did liven us up a "little" in the PM @ camp.

Martha said...

I have to try Brendie, It just doesn't happen on it's own unless there is lemonade!