Sunday, July 18, 2010

The last breakfast ~ 7/7

Normally I don't date my blog entries in the title but I am doing a week and a halfs worth in one day. For those of you who read my blog you know I don't do much but this was a busy week!
I finally got a new job!! YEAH FOR ME! While I do not want to say still where I worked before, I do have to say that I am going to miss these girls below. After they decided that they liked me they were so much fun to work with. Night shift can be a rough one to work but when your ready to fall asleep and your getting pissed because that patient is STILL trying to get out of bed all you need to do is complain and they will make you laugh about something. Anything actually just to get you through it. This is my favorite photo out of the ones that were taken. It's like they actually have to listen to what I am rambling on about!
Thanks Sarah, Emily, ME-chelle, Rachelle, Amber, Noah, Carla, and Colten for coming out for my "last breakfast". It was a great time and I will miss you guys!


Emily said...

We will miss u TOO! LOTS!!!!!

Martha said...

We will see how that goes!!