Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010

I have been waiting and waiting to put this post up because they were having a photo finish at this race. They have finally posted those online. So here is a bad shot of me finishing the race! Ok, so maybe not, there were some technical difficulties uploading that picture. It was a BAD picture anyways.

So I ran in a 5k in Spring Lake with the proceeds going towards pediatric medical equipment for area hospitals. What hospitals? I have not a clue. Either way its for a good cause. The babies get help to live and I loose some weight and get my heart and lungs into shape. Win Win!

My official time: I couldn't find the results online but I think it was somewhere in the 36 minute mark. I want to say like 36:10. Not the best but last year on the same course I was at 39 so it is an improvement and I don't think I trained as hard for it this year. Could it be possible I am more fit?

I am schedule for my next run October 2 for the pumpkinfest in Zeeland. My goal: 32 minutes. Can I do it? We will see.. Stay tuned!

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