Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thanks Steve!

Before I get to the thanking, let me tell you what I did.

It's Thursday night, about 9:35pm. My latest comfort time for leaving to go to work and getting there "on time" (or in my case 15 min early to park and walk up to the correct floor) is 9:40 pm. So I figure I am going good. Then I get in my car, CRAP, I forgot I had to get gas. I wasn't even sure if i could get to Spring Lake on what I had.

I make my faithful trip to the Wesco that is just down the road. I get out of my card, put my card in the slot, put my card back in the wallet, set the wallet on top of the car while fueling. I saw that I had an empty plastic bag in the car so I decided to look for garbage while waiting. Threw out some empty water bottles and junk mail etc. Cars full, get the receipt and go.

9:47 pulled out of Wesco. Not bad, later than usual but still ok. I'm eastbound on I-96 to Grand Rapids, right around the Coopersville exits. Random thought. Where's my wallet? Sh!t.. I never took it off the top of my car. PANIC now sets in. This is where I am so thankful that I have a blackberry. Driving 80 using google to find "Wesco Grand Haven Michigan." Sweet, got the number, so hoping its in the parking lot. I talked to such a nice guy there, he checked with other people there and no one turned in a wallet. I told him how I was super smart and left it on the roof of my car. He did laugh a little then asked if I wanted to hold so he could check the parking lot. YES!! Of course I do. No luck, he didn't find it.

Now its turns into SUPER PANIC mode. I call Mom of course. Tell her how stupid I was. I believe there was another laugh. Finally at work, on time. I look up my credit card numbers, bank numbers, and start cancelling. What a pain. You call them and hit the option for the lost/stolen card. Can you tell me your card number? Um NO. It's lost! Cancelled most of my cards. A couple had to wait to find the information at home. Ugg.. No ID, No money. How do you write a check again?

Lets go to Friday morning. I get a call thats not in my address book so I don't answer. It's Steve. He says he found my wallet spread all over Mercury Dr. He doesn't know if everything is there but he picked up what he could find. SA-WEET!! Mostly everything was in there minus some receipts and cash (which was $1 for sure, maybe $2). So very thankful for this nice honest guy. However, I already cancelled my cards. Better safe than sorry I guess.

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