Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How did MacGyver do it?

My basement I like to call the dungeon. It is nothing that can ever be finished off. Just a place for storage and laundry. The windows.. well.. They are the standard cheap basement windows. Something I will not attempts to replace unless a rock goes through the glass while mowing or something crazy like that. Above is exhibit A. The lonely basement window. 4 rooms in the basement=4 windows. They are a bit breezy. Make the basement about 35-40 degrees in the winter. My cheap solution to save a little money and make the whole house warmer: Shove insulation in the window and tape it up to seal out the cold.
Here is failed Exhibit B. Duct tape. MacGyver could blow up a whole city in less than 30 minutes with Duct tape and insulation, yet I can't get it to stick to the wall, barely to the insulation. I thought this stuff could fix anything!

3 rows of the duct tape and it only sticks to itself. Is there some fine print on the package that says: does not stick to cement or insulation? Really. I don't get it.

Exhibit C. Masking tape over the duct tape on the insulation. Who knew. Maybe this is how you MacGyver your way out of it. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the episodes. Did he really pack masking tape to use over the duct tape? Or was he just that special?
Now my basement stays about 50 degrees if I don't have the heat ducts open down there but the rest of the house feels a bit warmer as well. Next time.. Skip straight to the masking tape!


MOM said...

Only you girl....only you!!!!

Sazzle said...

LOL! I totally LOVE this -- and it would be something that I would do too!