Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Road Trip 1/4/12

So.. this blogging business isn't going too well.  I am a bit behind. 

Ok.. Let's be honest here, nothing is really that exciting in my life!!

Let's take it back to last week.  I realize on Sunday that I start my next class on Thursday.  I figure out that I have to drive to Flint which is where the Online College Bookstore is.  AND of course I wait until the day before class starts. 

My day started by calling all around Muskegon, Ottawa, Kent counties.  No one has this book.  OF COURSE! So I nominate Jamie and Melissa to tag along with me.  Jamie just had the day off with nothing to do and Melissa also had to go to Flint for her crappy school called U of M.  Double duties for this trip.  

Really? Is this necessary?
So we first stop at Baker.  I have to pee.  I sit down and this is what I see.  Really? Is it necessarry to have this on the door.  Then I remeber we are in Flint.  I tell her what book I need.  She asks if I want it deducted from my student loans.  BUT OF COURSE I DO!  As I walk away from the desk I see that it is the 5th edition, not the 6th as stated.  She said that is what was ordered and I have to take it.  Whatever, I have no choice.  I get to the car and realize they never asked me for my ID.  So, if you want free books just go to Baker and be able to spell someones name and your all set!  I e-mail the instructor and she doesn't reply for 2 days.  Not impressed with this instructor so far.  Thank God I am not sick and hopefully I don't get sick in this class again because I doubt she will adjust any deadlines.  

Next stop.  That school that has blue in it so Melissa can get a picture ID.  We get back to the parking garage and there are these two girls with me that want to turn this way.  I say, OK, but I thought the car was the other way.  I'm not sure I was right, but they were wrong.  Finally, back to Betty!  Melissa::You look like you shit your pants! Jamie::Why yo face so red?? ME::I just look pale and gross!

Then we get in the car and drive off.  Actually I don't remember if this photo was taken after we left the school or when we drove around the block an extra time or two before we finally parked.  The caption is Melissa's words stolen and are perfect!
In Flint if your rear window comes out you just have to tape it back on. It's called being cost effective.

This road trip was a success.  Melissa and I both got what we needed.  Some good talks in the car.  Betty (My Car) is pretty bad ass too.  I drove from Grand Haven to Jenison to Dorr to Flint to Dorr to Jenison and could have possibly made it back to Grand Haven on one tank of gas and that was with about 30 miles of extra driving due to heading home and following some jacked up GPS directions that took us 10 miles down the interstate to have us turn around just to have us end up 3 miles from where we were to go out to eat.  We did however make a quick trip through the mall and Jamie and I did "save" alot of money.

I post this last video for Melissa.  I know this is for Ann Arbor but Flint is still part of it.  Enjoy, there will be many more posting from this website www.notsopuremichigan.com If you need a laugh.  Check it out!

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Anonymous said...

very nicely posted! i dont think that melissa looks like she is taking a shit. quite the contrary!lol..... i wonder what she would say if she read this! im going to sign anonymous.. i will read these but refuse to sign up...for now that is!