Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in pictures.. Updated

Mighty Clarence got it hit twice in the same night in the same spot.  1st by my Uncle Ron, then by my sister-in-law Michelle.

A quick re-do of the bathroom.  I painted the cupboards white and added drawer pulls.  New shower curtain, rugs, accessories etc.

A redo of the office.  New paint, shelving units, lamp, and a bouch (added later, sorry no photo)

Found a picture of the bouch and the office re-arranged

Went to Phoenix for Paprocki's wedding which she dressed me in a super short slutty dress that I sorta rocked out!

The next day after making up from our first fight at the water park resort.
Got my dog back.. I know he's super awesome but a super bitch

I was so excited about this bird nest on the corner of my fence in the back yard but some animal knocked it down.  SUPER BUMMED!

Got a new car and backed it into the garage.. BOO!

Went to the kite festival in Grand Haven for the first time ever, TWICE! Not too bad of a show.

Monika came to visit this summer.  This was the beginning of an awesome night.  Just like always!

Tanya and I decided to randomly go out of town to a wine tasting.  We werent sure if we were going to survive this one.  In the middle of hickerbilly town.  We made it. Ahh.. Memories!

Got to meet some pretty cool people at a new job.

Got my dog back.  In the process got to learn how to replace screen in windows.  This little Mr. Crotchety figured out how to open windows and rip out screens to get outside.

Dog sitting Marley, Max's favorite Aunt!

Got a trip in to Minnesota to see Bridget and "feel" Ryan.

Got my plumbing stolen.
Got to meet Ryan (in pictures and through Skype)  Can't wait to meet him in person!
I had to add another picture of my dog because he is just totally bad ass!

Added this shelf in the hall between the kitchen and bathroom.

SOOOOO... I updated a few more photos, and, just a hint.  When using mobile uploads, don't switch phones half way through the year when you get a POS phone that wont read your old sd card.  I can't get those photos uploaded.
Just a little bit of what I did.  Some of these had a previous blog entry and then I gave up for the year. 

2011 was a little disappointing but I have higher hopes for 2012.


Mom said...

I hope you keep on blogging....I find it extremely interesting and always a good laugh!!!! You are quite creative.....must come from me!!!!! Later.....MOM

Anonymous said...

I too enjoy your "witticisms"! Keep on blogging Girl!

Anonymous said...

I love it. Like mom said I always get a good laugh. Sarah

Anonymous said...

The first anonymous was me!
Thanks for the entertainment!
Hope 2012 is an AWESOME YEAR for Martha!!! Hugs, Brendy