Monday, March 12, 2012

My Spring Bucket List or Something...

Well.. I have not been keeping up on this blogging business.. Surprise surprise.  I have been doing a few things which I will eventually back blog on but for now, I am introducing my sort of spring bucket list.  What is that?  It's kind of like spring cleaning but then there are a few biggies to check off on my invisible "other" list I keep up in my head. 
Here goes:
1.  Renew my nursing license
While this should be a no brainer, it is due March 31.  It's kind of mandatory for my job and all.  I however am lazy and don't feel like completing my CEU's.  I have enough CEU's completed thanks in part to my return to school, however, you have to complete a seperate CEU on pain.  UGG.. I just don't wanna.
2.  Get my taxes done
Another foot dragger.  I was waiting on a statement from the IRS but it appears its not getting sent this year.  All I have to do is print off some statements online and drop them off.  Still.  Not Done!
3.  Pick up branches in the yard from this winter
Yes, a normal spring cleanup.  It's not quite spring yet but this winter it seems there have been more droppings from the trees.  I gotta get on it.
4.  Rake the yard
Most of you know I was sick last fall.  This means I had help with the fall leave clean-up.  I am very grateful for that but it was not completed.  It seems my help was sick of all the leaves. 
5.  Move stones 
Last summer I started moving some stones I had in a section of the landscaping.  Yup.  Didn't finish that either.  I hate moving stones.  However, I have big plans for that section once the stones are gone.
6.  Transfer plants
Yes, the landscaping is changing again.  I added some new things the past couple years and it appears somethings are getting bigger and things are getting overcrowded.  Time to move.
7.  Clean garage
This is a normal spring clean thing however, I still gotta add it.
8.  Get some quotes
Its the year.  The year to get those big house projects done.  Paint the house, garage, and shed.  Get a load of gravel for the driveway.  Trim some trees.  I really got to make a better list because there are a few other things for the house I need to finally get done.
9.  Get some money
With the said items in number 8 I don't have all that cash sitting around.  I need to get some finance options on what I can get and what is best for what I want to do.  It time.
10.  Loose some weight
This winter was fun for some weight.  Being on antibiotics for 8-10 weeks allowed me to drop some pounds without exercise.  Then I started to gain.  Not too much but its time for it to come off.  I signed up for the Tulip Time run this year and only attempted to jog twice.  I gotta hit the streets so I can shed some pounds.

This is just a short list that I feel if I publish I will have to post some updates and maybe more inclined to complete them.  While a couple items have a certified time stamp on them, I hope to complete these by April 20.  Why that day?  April 1 is too soon and May 1 is too far, April 15 is tax day so I figure I could give myself a couple extra days.  Maybe just maybe I will find my motivation.


MOM said...

You go do realize is it only mid March.....We could have 6 inches of snow next week!!!!entboun

Anonymous said...

You go Martha!! You can do it. and MOM, I know we could get snow but dont say that. Sarah