Monday, August 6, 2012

St. Patty's Day 2012...

Yes, This posting is a little bit late.  Excuse is, I couldn't find the cable to upload the pictures from my phone.  Anyways, it's about time I tell you about my trip.  I went to see my friend Monika in Gainesville Florida.  I couldn't take time off from work so I flew in Thursday and flew home at the butt-crack of dawn Sunday morning.  Thursday after getting picked up from the airport Monika and I stopped at a little Mexican restaurant (after a few failed stops) and got some semi-shady food.  However, the margaritas were nice.  We then had a few drinks (I introduced her to marshmallow vodka and root beer, you should try it) and had a little chat before turning in for the night. 

Friday, we went to a little pool and hung out.  It was a steamy 90 something degrees that weekend.  I think that Michigan's weather was about the same.  What are the chances.  I thought that I was going to get a taste of summer and rub it in everyone's faces and they had the same weather.

We went out for supper downtown Gainesville where I got to meet Monika's new crew.  The story of the night was "seriously, you don't have any oranges?"  Yes, I couldn't get over it.  We then went to a local bar where I found a random helmet.  Please, do NOT leave your helmet laying around unattended.  I will put it on!

 The next day we traveled to Jacksonville because that is where my flight left the following day at 6am or something ridiculous like that.  Monika did some research and there was this outside Irish music festival with dancing, drinks, fireworks, green fountain, etc.  Of course, that is where we went!

Monika and I enjoying the day.
Monika and her Plus One :)
 So here we are M & M back together for the weekend.  I won't bore you with the rest of the fantastic details, I will say that I don't get to see this girl enough.  It was a great weekend and busy weekend.  Next time I hope to stay a little longer than I did.  It just wasn't enough time away from home.

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