Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another One In The Books..

Creative writing is something that I did not want to take.  I suck at writing.  Hence the few followers of this blog and minimal comments to my entries.  However, it was the lesser of the evils for the english cluster or whatever elective category it was.  The first 3 weeks started off just fine, making up stories and such.  Then it turned to poetry.  UGGGGGGG! I hate poetry.  While I didn't find it hard to pull a poem out of my arse it was the discussing and responding and discussing the poems. 

Do I really care if there are 20 different types of poems? 
Do I know the difference now between the types of poems? 
Did I have to look each type of poem up when I had to talk about it? 
Multiple times for each entry?
Now, lets not say this was all crap as I did like to read other peoples poems and respond.  I however wish that I could say, yes I like it, or, no I don't and then list the reasons why.  I suck at picking out why it did or did not follow a certain pattern.  Oh well.. Another class in the books, pending final grades that is!


Anonymous said...

I was one of those classmates! I have to say you did a great job for not wanting to be there. I also appreciate the fact that you were willing to put yourself out there and comment on someone else's writing. That takes confidence and nerve. Your comments were insightful and spot on! I'm glad you were in my class! Thanks for being there! Lynn

Martha said...

Thanks Lynn! It was a very interesting class but I am very glad it is done!