Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little before, A little after

I haven't done a whole lot of projects lately. A little because I was sick on my last 8 day off stretch, but, mostly because I'm lazy. I will say it. My motivation bug went on vacation. I think it has now returned.

Here's a little from the side of the house. It is NOT complete but getting there. I got some plants from my cousing Scott. THANKS a bunch! It is looking better already. I have to figure out what else I'm gonna do in here and then I will fill in the holes with some bark.

The lilies are growing, the tree didn't die, and there is now a little something extra in the ground. Thanks again Scott! Can't wait to see how it all blends together after it continues to grow. I still have to get bark to make it look "finished" which will be on my "later" list as well.

Remember the stone removal? Well to the left is what it looked like right after. The grass is growing as you can see. However with the run-off from the rain on the roof there are a few more stones that have surfaced that have to get plucked out, but that will be for another day.

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Brendy said...

Looking good!