Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday FUN!

This year my birthday fell on a Sunday, which means it is on Fathers Day, which means BOO! What does that mean? No one wants to/can do anything because they spend it with their Dad's which also means they want to head in early on a saturday night for Sunday festivities.
This year I decided to go to Rochester Minnesota to see a very dear friend of mine who left me here in boring Michigan. A simple 8 1/2 hour drive through 5 states.. Piece of cake.
This is the first shot of the night.. BAD IDEA. Leads to others later on! This is my bestest friend Bridget sporting the Vikings shirt and one of her friends Krista. We had such a blast!

I decided Krista is a riot! She is the type of girl who likes to turn it up a knotch. Just what I needed. Being kooped up all day in the car I was ready to let loose!! That is exactly what we all did.

These are a couple of the guys that were with us that night too. THEODORE, aka "T" and Cole. Such nice guys and again SO much fun. This is definetly the short story of the weekend because it was such a busy, long night.

What I realized as soon as I got to Minnesota is how much I miss this girl and how the 8 1/2 hour drive is way to long to have to see her. I can't wait to see her again which, lucky for me will probably be in just about 4 weeks or so!


Brendy said...

I'm glad you got there and back safely! It sounds like you met some "neat" new peeps--looks like you had a good time!

Martha said...

It was a GREAT time and Clarence is a champ! He's ready to go again!

Brendy said...

Clarence is amazing--I hope he's around for a long time! I'm knocking on wood!!