Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Fourth of July. Independence Day. Summer. All fun, I however had to work the whole weekend. Not what I wanted but its part of the job and I make alot of money so it makes it a little better.
I did however get a break. I was a little tired for it but it was totally worth it! I went to see my friend Theresa a.k.a Licky. Licky and I got to have a drink and enjoy the sun with this awesome little man Liam. He is turning into such a character. It was pretty hard work for him to just suck his sucker. He had to rinse it off and rinse himself off multiple times. Then he thought I was too hot or something and had to hose me down! I really couldn't be mad he is too stinkin cute and I got him back! Then I had to work. I was able to go in at 11 instead of 7 which was so nice since I got to spend a little more time with Licky. Now that Michigan legalized fireworks that leave the ground it was fireworks all the way from Muskegon to Zeeland. Such a nice drive in. Sarah (below) met me in the parking lot and we just sat there for a bit. The people that live next to the hospital had their own fireworks show. BONUS!!
Thanks Licky for having me over today. Thanks Sarah for watching the fireworks with me, it was awesome!

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