Thursday, September 9, 2010

Minnesota Party Wagon 9/4

Lets just say our night out was successful. These people in Minnesota that are friends with my Bridget are so nice and so welcoming. They made me feel at home and like I have known them for years.

Bridget is my Bridget. She is awesome. Danielle I just met and it feels like I have known her for years. Such a nice girl and so much fun.


Krista. My other Minnesota sister. Such a blast. Again, makes me feel like I see her all the time. Can't wait to see her again!


Ahh.. My Bridgy. I wish I could be with her all the time. She is my other half. I feel at home when I am around her. I wish that Michigan didn't suck so much and she didn't move that far away. I miss her already and am already trying to plan another trip out there.

Thanks for everything Minnesota. Can't wait to do it again!


Sazzle said...

Glad you had a great time!

Brendy said...

Grab what you can when you can--Good times and Good friends--who could as for anything more?!?!?
Looks like fun, why couldn't they be somewhere warmer....