Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some new eyes..

First I have to say this picture is not mine, its off a random website. I finally got some new glasses. My old pair are a couple years old and I have new insurance which didn't pay for a whole lot but... what can you do?

I tried to go to the cheap frames that the insurance paid for 100%. Those didn't work out so well so I splurged. It was between a pair of dolce's or Burberry. I went with the Burberry. It's a purplish color.. Different but I think I like it.

A little more on the pocket book but I hope they are worth it. It ends up being just more than $1 per day (yes, that is how I am justifying it) instead of $0.75 per day or so. They seem sturdier than the last pair I have. Maybe that is because the old pair was so stretched out. Who knows.. At least now I have an expensive pair of blood/body fluid protectors for work.. Yes I said it. I have save myself from a lot of fluids going in my eyes by wearing my glasses to work.. JUST SAYIN!

Corrective lenses really suck but hopefully this is my last pair... I hope to get laser surgery to correct my vision before I need a new pair. Let's see how that goes!

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Jen said...

Oooo, all fancy with your Burberry! :-)