Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Could I Get A Little Help Here?

I was going to do some updating on things in my life but NOW I have a new issue.

I was outside snowblowing and had just finished doing a little touching up with the shovel around 4:30am (don't judge, I like to try and piss off my neighboers as they wake me snowblowing while I sleep) when it happened.

Let's set up the scene here. I have a 2 stall garage. Plenty big for me. 1 side with the auto door opener is for Clarence. The other side I have to manually open when I mow, snow blow etc. So I go to close the auto door and just before it closes, it stops. Light flashing "HAZARD" somethings wrong. Now with the shoveling touch ups I shovel the snow so the safety laser doesn't think a child is laying in the way or something of that nature. I recheck for snow. Nothing. What is wrong? Somehow the door is going down unevenly and is stuck. CRAP! I go to pull the red safety string. F! That's all twisted up and I can't reach it. However, I try and think quick in situations (for this one I am too lazy to get the ladder out of the house which is in the house because I was too lazy to bring it back to the garage). I see a lawn chair: not too safe. I see the cooler: Too lazy, in the opposite corner of the garage. I see a rake: 5 feet away from me, SCORE! 5 minutes later I get the cord untangled from the rake and get the cord down.

Now I am manually trying to level the door. Lift of this side, push down that side, re-engage the auto function. Hit the button. NOPE, didn't work. After about 3 rounds of this I figure I can't do it. I HATE it when I can't do it. I give up. On the door anyways.

My heart smiles for a minute. If I can't get the door open, I can't get my car out, which ultimately means: I CAN'T GO TO WORK! Then I figure I have to try and move Clarence from one stall to the other. After a couple minutes of maneuvering. Success. No dings in the bumper or the garage.

Next problem. The light wont stop blinking. I go to the service and check the breakers. Not labeled. OK, that's a lie. 2 were labeled, Furnace and Welder. That's useless. I finally figure out which one it is. Power is off, therefore, the light is off. SWEET!

Now, my next thing is: Find a cheap garage door repairman. Any takers?


robin said...

good problem solving! thumbs up!

Sazzle said...

A: Amazingly written, my dear
B: That totally sucks

Brendy said...

Thanks for the laugh Martha, I'm glad you could see some humor in a situation like that!! After the fact of course!! :-)