Monday, January 24, 2011

What SHE did

It was supposed to be a simple day of going to Target and checking out the clearance christmas items. Things I needed to get for next year like: boxes, wrapping paper, cards, things of that sort. It was supposed to be in the evening after I slept a few hours after work.

BUT she had the day off.

She was home.

She was Jodi.

So I had the grand idea of driving to her house and after I was already on I-196 instead of I-96 I called to see if she had morning plans.

I invited myself over for coffee and a morning of shopping. I had the great idea of LOOKING at furniture. That was not a good idea after being up all night.

She helped me pick it out, the couch, the color, etc. Not that I am complaining as I wouldn't have done it myself.

She spent my money.

She said it was OK.

She gets the blame.

She gets the credit for putting me over the edge and commiting.

SO... She also gets the credit that it is AWESOME, even if it takes up my whole living room.


Now, when do I get to spend your money?!?!?!


Sazzle said...

Martha -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that couch!!! Where did you get it?!

Martha said...

Art Van of course!

Sazzle said...

I may have to go get something similar...

Martha said...

They have like 10 colors you can pick from and you can flip flop it.