Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bathroom Part 1

I have been thinking about what to do to my bathroom since I moved in my house.
First I just painted the bead board white.
Then I painted the top half of the wall a light purple/gray color which changes when there is artificial vs natural light.
That wasn't good enough.
I painted the light fixture base white. A little better but not there yet.

So, this is what the bathroom was yesterday. The other wall.

I decided it would be a good idea to paint the cupboards white. I think this is after the priming and between layer 1 and 2 of paint.

Partially re-assembled. The paint was from Ace Hardware and it is Enamel paint. I didn't know Enamel paint took that long to dry. So.. I put everything back in the drawers but they are not shut yet. The doors are in the dining room on chairs drying. I will put them back on tomorrow, I hope.

New towel rack behind the door, new rugs on the floor.

Another new towel holder on the wall, new cups for toothbrush/toothpaste/flosser, new shower curtain reflecting in the mirror.

I also got knobs for the drawers and handles for the doors but the paint needs to finish drying before I start that.
Eventually I will put new counter tops and a new sink in here too. Got to wait for someone to be available. SO.. Gotta wait for part 2 and the FINALE!!


MOM said...

Looking good.....I don't know where you get all the energy.....Come to my house...I have a basement bath that need painting!

Robin said...

So how hard was it to paint the cabinets? Were they oak? Did you have to do anything special? I would like to paint the cabinets in Emma's bathroom....
Having a hard time coming up with a good paint color with the oak cabinets...white cabinets would be so much better!