Monday, February 7, 2011

Bathroom Part 1.nothing else

This was supposed to be Bathroom part 2. WRONG! What a goose chase. I get home, get a template measured for the drawer/door handles, get some holes drilled, and the screws are not long enough. I found a couple in the closet that were longer. Too long. Back to the store. I buy two different sizes that were in between. Still not long enough. Back to a different store. They don't have the size I need. Only the incorrect sizes I already have. On to the next store. They have the "in between" size but not enough. Perfect. I can get all but one door done. WRONG AGAIN! These are still to long. There is one size left in between all the sizes I purchased. It will have to wait til tomorrow. I give up for tonight.

On a plus side, I am in love with my new towel rack and soap dish that I am using as a jewelry box!

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MOM said...

Cute....come decorate my house.