Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bathroom Part 1.9

The bathroom remodel is as finished as it is going to get right now. I'm calling it 1.9 which is almost 2. Then there will be 3.0, the finale. Why 1.9 instead of 2? I got the handles on the drawers. Finally. What a fiasco. I believe that is in the previous blog entry. Read it! As you can see below, nice and simple drawer handles. Centered and level. You can check it! If you look to the left you will notice the cupboards do not have handles. That is the remaining 0.1. I self diagnosed myself with O.C.D. (Does OCD have periods between it or not??) What do I do? Center both? The top one yes. The bottom? I wouldn't use it, I would continue to pull on the cupboard like I always do. Would it look funny to put the handle on the top corner of the cupboard? The next set of cupboards. Again, handles on all the drawers, centered and level. What do I do with the cupboards? Center the handles or put them at the top corners? I don't know, I don't know what to do. Once I drill the holes its done. Then what if I don't like it? Also, what about the fake drawers under the sink? Do they need handles? Will it look stupid? What's the point of it if you can't open it? Again, O.C.D is kickin in and causing a little anxiety so I have to leave it be.
Here is my pride and joy. My Jewelry holders. A washcloth/hand towel rack for my necklaces and bracelets, and a soap dish for rings and earrings. I think it is pretty clever. I have been looking for a jewelry box for a couple years and haven't found any that I like, this will most surely due.

I returned the other toothbrush holder/Q-tip holder etc. My final purchases I think are much better.

So, now please help me so I can finish and make this project 2.0. What should I do with the left over cupboards/fake drawers?


Robin said...

well, I LOVE the jewelry idea!

As far as the fake drawers...I would not put handles on them.

If you did and I tried to open them, I would say "why are there handles on fake drawers??" :)

The other cupboards...maybe center? Since you did that on all the others?

In any case, you did a fab job on this re-do. I am trying to get the courage to start on Emma's bathroom now..

Martha said...

Thanks Robin. If you need help with Emma's bathroom, I'm for hire for payment in some good cookin!

I thought the same thing with the fake drawers.

I think centered would be best but I wouldn't use the handles though.. will see what I do!

Brendy said...

I agree with Robin--none on the fake drawers and centered on the cabinets.
You did a great job, Martha Stewart-you have a knack for decorating!