Friday, March 4, 2011

What About This?

Since I moved into this house I have wondered what was under the carpet padding. The bank I bought the house from replaced the carpet. Which I saw the inbetween process. However, they did not replace the carpet padding. I saw there was wood under there but only an inch or two away from the wall. Today I decided to do a little investigating. This is what I found:
This is in the dining room under the table. This is where I need some help. Is this just some skinny floor board? OR can this be sanded and stained and redone?
A close up shot shows there are some spaces between some of the boards. Is that appropriate to leave shown off? OR does that add character?

Another close up shot appears that there is a brown coat under the white coat of paint. I can't tell if it was stained or just brown paint.
So... What do I do? Do you think that I can rent a sander and go to town? Or should these floors forever be covered??


Anonymous said...

well Martha, in my opinion, not sure if it is a worthy opinion.....but it looks just like my parents old kitchen floor. If it is, then it is just unfinished old wood floor, especially if the house is really old. I would probably attempt to strip the paint off in a small section to see what is under it. It's at least worth finding out so you are not wondering forever, as you seem like an inquisitive type of person! You could always re-paint it brown for a rustic look, but it depends on your style! Hope you enjoyed my opinion!

Martha said...

Who are you Anonymous??
I do have to agree with you. I don't think that these floors are the standard to refinish. I did pull the carpet back a second time and there are a few patch jobs the were filled with what looks like nice tongue and groove flooring..

Miranda Lindsey said...

haha.....i forgot my name! this is miranda! i am glad u enjoyed my opinion! LOL.

Martha said...

Miranda, your opinion is always worthy!!