Monday, April 25, 2011

Cha cha cha changes..

Yes, I am overdue for some blogging post. I just got my new router today so I will try and do those soon.


I LOVE them.

Most of the time.

This change is the best I could ask for, for awhile. I have been waiting for this since pretty much the 2nd hour I was on the floor during orientation.

This morning was the last day of my current job. I will not say where I worked, if you don't know, I have said quite a few negative things about that place. I ended up changing the name in my phone for when they call as the "soul stealer" as it seems they would try a take a little piece of my soul each day I would go to work, then, they would want me to come in extra so they could take a little more.

Needless to say, the new job is 12 hour shifts (yeah) and it is 1st shift (super yeah!).

Those are the highlights and my new adventure starts on Wednesday.


Brendy said...

Keep on movin' on Martha; hopefully you'll have/find your place where you can grow and flourish (and get your nursing heart and soul back), you deserve it after all your hard work!! Congratulations and Best Wishes!!

Sarah said...

Way to go Martha. So very Happy for you. It is way over due for to back on first shift and get a job that you like to go to. Congrats!!!!!!!