Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Is Past Due...

OK. Time to stop putting things off. This is my 3rd spring in my house. Every year I do a little more with the yard, I however, never have touched the Lilacs. NEVER! It always seemed like other things were more important. For example. Raking all the gravel that was thrown into the grass from the snowblower. This year I decided it was time. Time to take care of my favorite plant/bush/tree/flower however you want to catagorize it.
First of all these pictures are taken from my phone as I was too lazy to walk in the house to get the camera and too forgetful to get it when I made 5,000 bathroom breaks. Above is the start to all this. Not too bad. I decided to do a little trimming of the non-lilac growths while raking.

This is about half way through. About 10 leaf bags deep and a little more than just trimming. I was having a little too much fun with the loppers. Lets just say I needed a ton of ibuprofen that night and the next day.

See what I mean? Just a little trimming. Still waiting for my brush pile to be picked up. Hint Hint.. Wink.. Wink..

This is almost the end of day 2. I wish that this was the front side and not the back side. I planted some grass seed up to the edges about to where the shovel is. Plant a few plants that never flower from the front of the house due to lack of sun. I'm not sure what to do with the rest of it. Waiting on dear ol Ma' to come over and tell me what I can transplant from other parts of the yard AND waiting for my perennial seeds to grow. I think that most of what I will do for this summer is to finish cutting/digging out the stumps/roots from the other side and try and be patient with the rest.

Any suggestions on what I should plant??


MOM said...

Hopefully I will make it over this week.......And then you will have even more work to do!!!!

Scott @ My Garden Spot said...

That's what is cool about gardening. You can try just about anything you think might work. If it's a success,Great. If not tear it out and try something different.

Looks good thus far Martha