Monday, April 4, 2011

Current Annoyances...

Yes. I am going to go there. Things that annoy me. Mostly online. Its just gonna be a plan and simple 1,2,3.. list. Here we go.

Email: This one is a multiple part annoyance.

1. Spam: Why do you have to hack into my account? Do I really have that exciting of people in my contact list? Or do you think they are that stupid to do what your link says? Now I know that some people think that because an email is from me that it's legit, but, hey... It's not always.

Email Replies: This goes two ways on the email.

1. Some people, mainly one person I don't want to hear from keeps sending me messages but, doesn't say anything, then wonders why I don't reply back. Ummm, duh?!?! Maybe ask me a question or use a lead on sentence that makes me have a reply instead of thinking "oh, thats nice" because I am not going to reply "oh, thats nice" if there is nothing to go along with it. 2. Professionally, I sent an email out hours ago and no response. I know the email I sent you went to your phone because the last reply stated so. This last email was WAY more important than the one I sent you over the weekend. Did my work account not actually send it as it has in the past? Do I really have to try and call you? I like a written line of proof for some things.

1. Use caution with your comments. When commenting on photos, comment on the photos. Don't comment on the album. That comment will now show up the entire season I add/modify to that album. I want to know specifically what you liked or wanted to say about the pictures. If it's a general comment write it on my wall.

2. When you comment on someones status please follow some commen sense rules, for example: When someone posts I am so excited to go out for dinner, appropriate follow ups are: have fun, where you going, who with, can I come too etc, etc, etc. Not: I left you a voicemail about the funeral visitation. Really? I think they got the message and I don't need to know about it.


1. Why don't you stay how I type you? Why is everything all jacked up and stuck together? What has changed? It has always stayed before.

Last things Last

1. Yes, I woke up and way annoyed by things I read/wasn't able to read

2. I don't want to go to my sucky job tonight and that makes me annoyed by everything.

3. If you feel like you were targeted in this blog entry, you probably weren't. Just stating some facts according to me.
4. I think I need to go back to bed.

Have a good night all!

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MOM said...

Some days we are annoyed by everyone and everything!!! Why can't people just think before they open their mouth....they don't realize they aren't the only people on the planet!