Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Cancer..

I have had many growths, moles, etc. removed over the years.  Nothing big, just mostly in the way.  A couple have been scaby and shady.  Still nothing.  Last friday I had another mole removed.  This one has been problematic.  Extra scaley and scabby. 

I thought it was funny that I could feel all the tugging and pulling after the lidocaine.  Still no biggie.  Then more than one stitch.  Actually four.  Then the Doctor wanted to know my schedule to call me with the results.  Not normal.  Usually it's X amount of days and your results will be in.

So I waited.  I called the nurse.  Everything is OK.  Then an immediate call back saying that "I am so sorry, I didn't pay attention to the dates.  I read an old result.  Your results are here but the doctor hasn't verified them yet.  I can't give you any information until he looks at it."

Fuck.. Really?  Thats the line I use.  You aren't supposed to tell me that!

So she proceeded to tell me that he was still in the office and she would have him look at it and give me a call back.  So as I am waiting and waiting, I know it's cancer.  Just call me back already.

Finally, I get a call back.  Yup.  Basal Cell Carcinoma.  It's a pretty good skin cancer to have.  Basically they just cut it out, which my doctor did, hence the extra amount of stitches.  All I have to do is watch for more spots.

Attention to the DEJONGE family:  Grandma had this too.. Watch yourself.. AND use sunscreen!


sarah said...

I will do my best to use sunscreen more often and for sure put it on the kids. Glad they got it all out and it was not the M kind of skin cancer.

MOM said...

I just went and mowed the lawn WITH sunscreen on and I am covered with sticky dust and lawn particles!!! But I obeyed!!!!