Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kite Festival Fun With Sarah's and Their Kids...

Every year Grand Haven has a kite festival.  I have lived in the Grand Haven area for 8 years or so now.  This year was the first time I made it to the kite festival.  This year I went twice.  Day 1 I went with Sarah and her two kids Jessie and Tyler.  They were so excited.  AND it was fun!
Look at us two hotties on the beach.

We started the day with a picnic lunch.  It was pretty tasty.  AND not too much sand got into the pretzels.  (good choice Jessie)

Jessie - A little kite and a little pretzel!

Tyler - Chompin on that PB sandwich! YUM!

These are just some of the "display" kites, not the kites that actually put on the show.

Day 2 of the kite show, there was a little less kite watching and a little more time spent with Lake Michigan.
Those crazy kids.. that water is probably only 50 degrees!

On the way back to the car there were these people with different parrot type birds.  I don't know how much the kids liked them but they at lease got a quick pet in!

It was a good time and some of the kite flyers were amazing to watch.  They tap the kites together in the air, have 6 side by side and don't get tangled, it was a good show.  If you have time you should check it out next year!

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