Friday, July 20, 2012

Mind Your Own Business B...

Im having plumbing issues in my kitchen again. So.. I had to make a quick trip to the Home Depot.  Seriously.. 4 minute trip, in and out.  I usually don't take Max along when it is 80 degrees out but, since I knew exactly what I needed and what isle it was in, I figured I could leave the car running and it would be just fine.
As I am walking out of the store there is this lady who is about 10 feet away from the front passenger side of my car.  She is kind of bent over and cock eyed looking in my car.  Please don't do that.  EVER!   Max thinks you are going to give him some lovin' and proceeds to flip out!
So, I ask her, "is there some there something wrong?"
"No, I was just looking at your dog," the dumb bitch said as she finally walks away.
Yes. Good choice.  Walk away.  I WILL go off on you. 
This is a dog.  Not a child.  If it were a child it would not be left unattended in my car.  He is just happy he gets to go for a car ride.  I am not going to endanger my dog's life in public.  My car is keyless so I can leave my car running without the keys inside my car and if someone tries to steal it, it will lock up and shut off. 
So... the point of all this is if you are in Grand Haven and you see my dog in my car.  Just walk away, UNLESS you want to snatch him and take him home with you.  Don't judge.  He usually is asleep in the back seat if no one pesters him through the window.  He is just fine!

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